"202X-Apocalypse from the sky" Vol.1 Summer events in August 2000


"202X-Apocalypse from the sky" Vol.1 Summer events in August 2000
*Please enjoy with English subtitles using the English translation function.

202X-Apocalypse from the sky is a YouTube manga.

This work is an original manga that has been released for free every week since June 5, 2020.

Why did the coronavirus pandemic happen? Is it a coincidence? Was it somebody's intention? What is the apocalypse behind the corona pandemic?

What is UFO? What is an alien? And what is the ongoing apocalypse? The great prophecies of Nostradamus should have gone wrong, but a new apocalypse may have begun.

We will read and understand the world's pandemic and abnormal weather that are happening now with manga.

In addition, we are collaborating with the popular YouTuber Mr. Yukihisa Oikawa, and we are also producing another program that will make the story world even more enjoyable.

Please enjoy this program.

"202X-Apocalypse from the Sky" will be delivered every Friday at 22:00.

Oikawa's other program will be delivered every Friday at 21:00 pm. The English version will be delivered one day later at 22:00.

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